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Edilson Mamian (Espresso of the Year 2023)
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Edilson Mamian (Espresso of the Year 2023)

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A fruity and juicy taste experience, which was awarded the Espresso of the Year Award in 2023. The roast is on the dark side, but there is no toastiness in the taste.

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Edilson Mamian (Espresso of the Year 2023)

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The coffee is rich in style, sweet and medium acidity. The aroma of the ground coffee is very rich and the processing of the coffee is noticeable in the ripe fruity and porter beer aroma. This coffee is not necessarily the choice of those seeking a familiar and safe espresso, but requires a bit of an adventurous nature to enjoy. The end result is a fruity and juicy taste experience that won the 2023 Espresso of the Year award. The taste is sweet, full-bodied and liqueur-like.  Citrusy acidity comes through, but not too much. If the acidity is disturbing, you can extract the espresso a little longer than normal. The roast is on the dark side, but there is no roastiness in the taste.

Origin: Huila, Colombia
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Flavour: Liqueur-like, coffee berry sweet
Mouthfeel: Full-bodied
Acidity: Medium
Altitude: 1450m
Processing: Anaerobic Natural

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1000g: Delivery to pick-up point (DHL, Posti)

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Flavour Profile

Fruity and Sweet


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