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Brewing Coffee

Brewing Coffee
18.02.2020 Maria Ariyo

Brewing Coffee – Unleash Your Coffee Maker

Brewing coffee means the process of extracting components from coffee grounds into hot water. There are many ways of brewing coffee, but the most popular by far is the drip or filter coffee maker (aka the traditional coffee maker).

Nowadays there are available lots of different automatic coffee machines but also manual brewing devices have become more and more popular. Read more about different brewing devices.

A traditional coffee machine can be found almost in every home

Traditionally coffee is prepared in a filtered coffee maker and it is the most used coffee maker in Finland. It was first introduced in 1912, but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that it landed in the Finnish kitchens. Now you can find them in almost every home.

The ritual of brewing coffee can be a hostesses pride and joy or on the other hand, it can also be an office assistants routine assignment. Brewing coffee with a filter coffee machine doesn’t require special skills, rather a few tricks will help you make delicious coffee.

brewing coffee

How to brew delicious filter coffee

You’ll need:

  • A coffee machine
  • Ground coffee (or a coffee grinder and coffee beans)
  • A scale or a coffee measure
  • A filter paper
  • Fresh water


  1. Pour fresh water into your coffee maker. Don’t use the coffee pan for measuring the water, otherwise, the fat from the previous coffees will an get into the machinery.
  2. Set the filter paper into the assigned funnel and rinse it. This prevents the filter paper’s flavour to seep into the coffee. You’ll taste the difference if you drink water that has  poured through the filter paper.
  3. Measure the coffee grounds into the funnel. The right ratio for filtered coffee is approximately 6g coffee per 1dl of water (75g for the whole pan of 1,25l). Usually, Finnish coffee measures are approximately 8g.
  4. Switch on the coffee maker and let the coffee drip. Mix the coffee before serving to get a stable result. Avoid using the drip lock for the same reason.
  5. Remember, fresh coffee tastes the best! If you leave your coffee to sit on the hob, it will turn bitter. If you don’t want to serve your coffee right away, use a thermos.


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