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#113 Kaffa Roastery: Las Terrazas Espresso

#113 Kaffa Roastery: Las Terrazas Espresso
21.05.2019 Maria Ariyo

Sweet plums · Sugar cane · Carmelized sugar

Las Terrazas Espresso

Kaffa Roastery

Roasted: 15/05/2019
Roaster: Sandra Halme

The Las Terrazas Dark Espresso roast is a profile developed specifically for you Slurp customers. This coffee has been a perennial favourite here at Kaffa, ever since we first encountered it some 3 years ago. Very rich in body with excellent sweetness, and still the tang of 2000m acidity is pleasantly displayed.

Some very interesting processing takes place with Las Terrazas. Due to its incredible altitude and proximity to the washing station at La Bolsa, the coffees are all rested for 18-24 hours before de-pulping. The coffee is picked every morning, before it gets too hot, where all the ripest cherries are selected and the bags are left at the bottom of the hill. In the evening, depending on weather and other factors a truck will make the journey up the hill, to gather all the bags. Then the bags are brought to the wet mill at La Bolsa, but they are not processed through the pulping machine until the next afternoon. Which means that they can get up to 24 hours of bag fermentation, allowing the sugars and local bacteria to work their magic, creating the incredible, pulpy sweetness and body of this coffee.

Las Terrazas is a special place located at the very top of the valley surrounding La Bolsa, just above the town of La Libertad, Guatemala. I do hope you enjoy this espresso.

Try this recipe for Espresso
18-19g coffee
20-24 sec.
1.75-2:1 brew ratio.

i.e. 18g = 31.5-36 grams in the cup
19g = 33.25-38 grams in the cup

You should experience lively plums, heavily caramelized cane sugar and baking chocolate bitterness, with plenty of crema to go around.

Country: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Farm: Las Terrazas
Farmer: Renardo Vides
Varieties: Caturra
Growing Altitude: 1950-2050m
Processing: Washed w/ bag ferment


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