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#100 Mokkapuu: Rwanda Rutsiro

#100 Mokkapuu: Rwanda Rutsiro
16.11.2018 Maria Ariyo

Shipment #100
SLURP dark


Rwanda Rutsiro

Country: Rwanda
Region: Rutsiro
Farm: Kotwibakabo small farmer group
Varieties: Bourbon, Mayaguez


Tuomas Sandroos & Tanja Anttila

Wet Hulled & Sundried


lightly acidic

mildly peanuty


Rwanda has positioned itself as a specialty coffee producing country. This national coffee strategy would enable Rwanda’s coffee sector to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the country. Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa and is located in the middle of the Great Lakes region. It is set on a proportionate high altitude: 950 meters above sea level is the lowest point. The plentiful fertile lands of the country are full of diversity and The Albertine Rift mountain forest hosts abundant wildlife. This area provides exceptional climate conditions for high-quality coffee cultivation.

The COOPAC cooperative was founded in the year 2001 with 110 members. Nowadays the number of members is as high as 8,000 and they collect coffee from six different areas. This coffee has been produced by a farmer group named Kotwibakabo, from Boneza sector in West Rwanda.

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