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#30 Rovaniemen Kahvipaahtimo: Mocha-Java Blend

#30 Rovaniemen Kahvipaahtimo: Mocha-Java Blend
14.03.2016 Rafael Linnankoski

Shipment #30


Mocha-Java Blend

75% Indonesia Java Pancoer, 25% Ethiopia Djimmah


Tuomas Kumpula




75% Indonesia Java Pancoer

Origin: Indonesia
Area: Java, Pancoer
Variety: Typica
Growing altitude: 650-1550m
Processing: washed

Pancoer is one of the four large farms that’s roots go all the way to the colonialist era of Holland. It was built in 1894 and covers approximately 1100 hectares. The washed Typica is a soft and pure coffee that adds balance and chocolaty flavours to the blend.

25% Ethiopia Djimmah

Origin: Ethiopia
Area: Kaffa & Illubator
Variety: Heirloom varieties
Growing altitude: 1300-1800m
Processing: natural

Approximately 20% of all sold Djimmah still grows wild. You may find character in the coffee owing to the traditional methods. Its sweetness, earthiness and depth beautifully complement the blend that is rich in nuances.

Mocha-Java is one of the oldest coffee blends. In their version, the Rovaniemen Kahvipaahtimo have used an Ethiopian Djimmah instead of an Yemeni mocha. The Indonesian Java adds chocolaty flavours and balances the Djimmah’s strong playfulness.

“Buying Mocha-Java blends is like listening to jazz ensembles cover Autumn Leaves; the melody may be the same but the interpretations sure aren’t.” – Kenneth Davis

Source: Rovaniemen Kahvipaahtimo


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