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#193 Lykke Kahvitilat: Happiness

#193 Lykke Kahvitilat: Happiness
14.06.2022 Petro Hakkarainen

Red fruits・Caramelized nuts・Milk chocolate


Lykke Kahvitilat

Roaster: Mattia Spiga

Lykke is both a coffee roaster and a coffee grower. Our coffee farms are still young, so in addition to our own coffee, we also buy coffee from our neighbours to ensure sufficient volume. We help our neighbours to improve their already high quality coffees towards excellence, so they can earn more. The fun part is that the farmers are also owners of Lykke! This coffee symbolizes our pillar. No one should have to suffer in order to enjoy good coffee. Brazil brings sweetness and fullness and Peru balances it with freshness and fruitiness.

Country: Peru, Brazil
Region: Agua de Nieves, Monobamba (Peru), Caparaò (Brazil)
Farm: Smallholdings in the Monobamba and Caparaò regions
Farmer: Several small farmers
Varieties: Bourbon, typical, catuai, catucai
Growing altitude: 900-2100m
Process: Washed (Peru), Natural (Brazil)

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