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#196 Cafetoria: Puno

#196 Cafetoria: Puno
05.08.2022 Elina Viiala




Roaster: Ivan Ore

The producers in the Inambari valley have been dedicated to growing coffee for more than 40 years ago. The region has become one popular hub for coffee growing. It must be noted 40% of the annual production (12,000 quintals) is exported to countries in Europe, including Germany and England, 30% to the United States, and the remaining 30% to Asian markets.

Country: Peru
Region: Puno, Sandia, Quiquira, Valle Inambari
Farm: Regional
Farmer: Cooperativa Inambari and Tupac Amaru
Varieties: Bourbon 50%, Caturra 30%, Typica 20%
Growing altitude: 1500-1900 m
Process: Washed

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