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#175 Inka Paahtimo: Colombia Sierra Nevada

#175 Inka Paahtimo: Colombia Sierra Nevada
04.10.2021 severi.sinkko

Chocolate・Hazelnut・Full body

Colombia Sierra Nevada

Inka Paahtimo

Roaster: Pamela Aranciaga Mauricio

This coffee was bought directly from the producer, cooperative Red Ecolsierra, and they were paid 76,8% of the price the roastery paid for this coffee (5,4USD/kg). This coffee is from a farm that is owned by Jaime Garcia, and he is a member of the Red Ecolsierra coop. Jaime’s farm is located in Mid-Córdoba close to the town of Santa Marta. The farm is 6 hectares in size and produces 6600 kg of coffee per year. Coffee has been grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Country: Colombia
Region: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Farm: Jaime Garcia’s farm
Farmer: Jaime Garcia
Varieties: Castillo, Colombia
Growing Altitude: 1000 – 1700 m
Processing: Washed

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