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#173 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Huggy

#173 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Huggy
06.09.2021 severi.sinkko

Smoothest chocolate · Soft spicys · Red berries

Holmen Huggy

Holmen Coffee

Roaster: Arnd Brockmüller/Junho Suzuki

Holmen Huggy, perfect name for a filter coffee that just hugs your tongue, your tastebuds, your soul!! Dark, dark, dark, but like the dark midnight sky in Finland in the late summer, it is soft and perfect. We just love it! Lots of “aaws” and “oohs” in the roastery when our cupping turned into just wanting a full cup of it. Hope you fall in love too <3 Country: Guatemala, Cuba Farm: Various small farmers Varieties: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catai (Guat); Typica (Cuba) Growing Altitude: 1350-2000m (Guat), 1500-1750m (Cuba) Processing: washed

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