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Colombia La Pastora
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Colombia La Pastora

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Colombia La Pastora is a sweet and fruity coffee from the La Pastora farm in Colombia. The coffee is produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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Colombia La Pastora

Inka Roastery roasts coffee twice a week. Coffee ordered by 8.00 on Tuesday leaves the roastery on Wednesday, and coffee ordered by 8.00 on Friday leaves the following Monday. The coffee will be delivered to your mailbox by the postal service in approximately 2-4 working days.

La Pastora is located in Los Monos, Ciudad Bolivar. The farm was founded in 1940 and bought in 2020 by Hernan and Eugenio Prieto. Thirty percent of the farm is dedicated to native forest, creating a microclimate and a diverse ecosystem and habitat. The coffee process is sustainable and environmentally friendly and the coffees are hand-picked. Once the cherries are picked, they are first fermented for 24 hours and then mechanically dried for 7 days at 40°C. The La Pastora project started after the Prieto brothers achieved great success in producing high quality coffees at their Villa Clabelina farm. Cupping score: 88.

Country: Colombia
Region: Bolicar, Antioquia
Producer: La Pastora
Variety: Caturra, Colombia
Height of growth: 1540-2000m
Processing: extended fermentation natural
Taste: sweet, fruity, jammy

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Order size

200g, 400g


Beans, Pot Coffee, French Press, Percolator, Chemex, Filter Coffee, Pour Over, Aeropress

Roast Level

Light Roast

Flavour Profile

Fruity and Sweet

Coffee Type

Single Estate


Inka Paahtimo


Extended fermentation natural




Caturra, Colombia


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