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How best to brew coffee in a moka pot?

How best to brew coffee in a moka pot?
06.02.2016 tildamaria.turunen

Here’s how best to brew coffee in a moka pot!

Coffee made with a mocha pot is close to a real espresso. The pot works like a pressure cooker, pushing water under high pressure through the coffee pod. Our recommendation for a moka pot is definitely the Bialetti Moka Express, with new features that make it easier and more versatile than many other moka pots.

This is how to make delicious coffee with a Bialetti Moka pot:

  1. Fill the water tank with fresh water up to the bottom of the valve inside the tank. Place the filter funnel in place.
  2. Fill the filter funnel with coffee to the top, but do not squeeze it tightly. For best results, use coarse espresso coffee.
  3. Screw the top on tightly, but do not twist the handle.
  4. Place the coffee maker on the hotplate. If you are using an induction stove, we recommend that you heat the water at full power, and reduce the temperature after a few minutes when the coffee starts to pulse under pressure in the top reservoir.
  5. Once the boiling has stopped, remove the brewer from the plate and serve your delicious coffee.

NOTE! The Moka Express is not compatible with induction stoves, but it is possible to purchase an intermediate induction plate that allows use with induction stoves. The induction plate is made exclusively of steel and, thanks to its considerable thickness, allows an ideal heat transfer.


You can also fill the water tank with pre-heated water to shorten the brewing time and keep the coffee bed cooler until the coffee starts to extract. This will make your pot coffee taste even more velvety. If you find that your pot makes a slightly bitter coffee, try a coarser grind.

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