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Mother’s Day — Our Tips on How to Pamper a Unique Mother

Mother’s Day — Our Tips on How to Pamper a Unique Mother
08.05.2019 Maria Ariyo

Whilst Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates around the world, for most countries, it is on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day also has the highest international call volume, higher than on all the other holidays — moms are clearly dear to us. How about making your mother feel very special this year? We got a few tricks up our sleeve and we would love to share them with you. Let’s treat her like the queen she is!

Did you know that an elephant mother carries its baby for 22 months? Or that an octopus mother might starve herself to death while protecting her eggs in the 40-day hatching process? Wow — mothers are both tough and cool. Read our tips on how to pamper the mom of your family on Mother’s Day!

flower bouquet

Some Mother’s Day Flowers

You can rarely go wrong with flowers. Get her a nice bouquet or a potted plant if she has a garden. Think about her favourite colours, or maybe you know her favourite flower already!

A Handmade Card for Mother’s Day

When you were a kid, it was the norm to draw all the greeting cards. Remember the proud moment when your artwork made it on the refrigerator door? Well, you could still draw a card and see whether your artwork still qualifies to the coveted spot.

Bring Her Some Morning Coffee in Bed

It’s the small pleasures in life that elevate the day to another level. Brew a fresh cup of coffee and bring it to her in bed. Maybe get a croissant or some other breakfast ingredients to go with it, a deluxe breakfast is the way to elevate any morning!

Mother’s Day Treat: the SLURP Coffee experience

With the Slurp, mom will always have coffee when she needs it. No waking up to an empty coffee shelf! The SLURP coffee experience can be ordered for any length of time you choose, with the flavour profile of her liking and adapted to her favourite coffee brewing method.

A Mother’s Day Walk

Moms enjoy spending time with you and doing ordinary things. If it’s nice, sunny weather (cross your fingers if you’re in Finland), why not suggest an afternoon walk with her?
a book and a cup of coffee

A Book for the Bookworm — What’s Your Mom’s Hobby?

What hobbies does your mother have, or what does she like to do with her free time? If she enjoys reading, get her a book for Mother’s Day. If she enjoys theatre or arts, get her tickets to a performance or take her to a museum.

Every Mother’s Ultimate Dream: Clean the House

A mother who wakes up to Mother’s Day and discovers someone has cleaned the house is a truly happy mother. Taking an hour or two to clean the bathrooms and the kitchen sounds ordinary but is guaranteed to make your mom happy. You can also give her a self-made gift card where you promise you will clean the house at her chosen time. If cleaning really isn’t your thing, booking a professional cleaner to come around also does the trick.

Bake a Mother’s Day Treat

Celebrate, when you have a reason. And if you celebrate, a cake is compulsory! How about making a delicious tiramisu or some delicious cookies with some quality espresso in it to add flavour?

Donate for a Cause

A good gift doesn’t have to be tangible. You could also donate money in her name for a cause you both care about.

Photo collage for Mom

Almost every family has many photos from over the years. Does your family keep photos organized? Real photos have more feeling to them than a Facebook album. Create a photo collage of your family’s best moments and hand it to your mom.


Have you planned something for your mom on Mother’s Day? What’s your best memory with her? Share your best tips and memories with us, we love all mamas!

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