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Café Nazca

Café Nazca
21.09.2023 tildamaria.turunen

A small piece of Peru in Kuopio

The roastery and coffee shop started its operations in Kuopio in 2017. Founder Karla Georgina Harzdorf’s goal is to work closely with a small number of farmers to produce high-quality coffee in a transparent production process, directly from farmer to cup.

It is important to us that our coffees are grown with respect for both ecological and ethical values, and a large proportion of our coffees are certified organic and come from independent smallholders.

The name Nazca comes from the famous Nazca paintings, painted thousands of years ago by the Nazca people for religious ceremonies. Dozens of large-scale paintings of animals or other figures have been found in the area. In addition to these, hundreds of other geometric patterns have been found in the area. Café Nazca uses these patterns on the labels of its coffee packaging.

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