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Kaffa Roastery

Kaffa Roastery
11.01.2018 Maria Ariyo

Kaffa Roastery is the biggest artisan roastery in Finland. Kaffa’s goal is to achieve 100% transparency all the way to the prices they pay to the farmers. In 2017 the Kaffa coffee shop in Punavuori was voted as the best coffee shop by the Helsinki Coffee Festival patrons.

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From the garage to the roastery of the whole country

In 2009 two young business students, Svante Hampf and Benjamin Andberg had a vision of a national coffee shop chain. While planning the chain, the guys realized, that they couldn’t find good enough coffee anywhere. And that is how the vision of a coffee shop changed into a vision of a roastery, that would bring good coffee to all Finnish people.

The first batches of coffee were roasted at a summer cottage and a garage using a pan or an oven or even a popcorn machine. The main principle was learning by burning. They had plenty of passion and self confidence, and that is how Kaffa Roastery was born.

Nowadays Kaffa Roastery is one of the most famous artisan roasteries in Finland. Andberg has since left the company. In 2018 Hampf is running the company that already employs 20 people.

Aiming for 100% Transparency

Kaffa Roastery roaster visiting a farm

Kaffa Roastery’s raw coffees come as directly as possible from the farmers, so that the coffees ethical and ecological production can be verified. The roastery’s representatives strive to visit every farm to make sure the supply chain is working accordingly to Kaffa’s values.

Kaffas goal is that during the year 2018 all of the roastery’s coffees are a 100% transparent and every coffee farmer they work with has a personal Kaffa Handshake agreement. Kaffa has published the prices they pay for their raw coffee openly on their site.

On top of transparency Kaffa invests on keeping their selection current. Hampf says, that the Nordic roastery cooperation helps them get first hand information about the newest coffee varieties, best farmers and the industry trends.

You can see the coffee roast at the Kaffa coffee shop

Kaffa Roastery’s roastery and coffee shop are located at the same address in Helsinki Punavuori. The roastery and coffee shop are separated by a glass wall, so anyone can watch the coffee being roasted. The same space also has the Kaffa Roastery’s Helsinki School of Coffee training facility. Helsinki School of Coffee offers different barista courses every month.

Kaffa coffees are roasted on a beautiful 50 year old Probat-roaster. The machines capacity is 22 kg and they roast coffees in two shifts five days a week. The roasting is an exact hand work and it requires special skills from the roastmaster.

The Kaffa Roastery coffee shop was selected as the best coffee shop in Finland at the Helsinki Coffee Festival 2017. The roastery on the other hand won the second best roastery and their espresso Equador Espindola won the second best in the espresso coffee category at the same event. These merits tell about Kaffa Roastery’s good reputation among coffee enthusiasts.

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