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Paahtimo Papu

Paahtimo Papu
07.05.2020 Maria Ariyo

Paahtimo Papu is a small roastery from Jyväskylä, founded in 2014, which is a balanced blend of better and more sustainable coffee. As a roastery, we specialize in organic as well as darker roasts. We are looking for rich and soft origin country coffees for our selection.

Our story started when we said:

D*** **, do we have to do this too ourself?

That is when our ”Organic coffee for everyone – 2014” project began.

Paahtimo Papu owners

After certification, Organic became our thing, and it still is! We also added Organic tea into our selection quite fast. The world of Organic coffee took us by surprise and things got out of hand in 2015. The roastery capacity had to quintupled and the roasting machine upgraded to a Probatone25.

Slow and steady wins the racePaahtimo Papu coffee beans

There are many roasting styles around the world and we were most drawn to the traditional, slow roasting method. There is data to use while roasting, but we believe that the best quality roast is achieved by following the roast with all senses.

Before the roast, the raw coffee density and moisture are analysed with a special indicator. And to make sure the roasts stay even regardless of the harvest, we also follow the roasts with a separate, colour analysing indicator.

The base ingredient has an important part in this process. The coffee that comes from berries that have matured all the way to the end on the plant isn’t too bitter or hard on the stomach. In addition, slow-roasted and fresh organic has an aroma to die for.

During this journey, we have had to give up on our own coffee shop and store, because work at the roastery has increased. So we decided to focus on the most essential.

Around the world

We have gotten the chance to get to know a lot of the Organic coffees around the world.

The only countries that don’t have high-quality Organic coffee are Costa Rica, Panama and Cuba (No system for certification). The most unique flavour profiles are in Indonesia in our opinion and we are really looking forward to some harvests from Southern and Central America, with promising coffees transferred from Africa.

Paahtimo Papu roastery and beans

Coffee farming has been through a change and the traditional coffee plants are being planted all over the world to see how the soil and climate affects the flavour of the coffee.

It has been awesome to meet roasters from around the world at the SCA roast camps and notice that everyone has the same goal; to increase peoples knowledge of Specialty coffee and improve the future of coffee farmers by purchasing raw coffee. That’s why we have had project coffees like female farmers have been a part of our selection since 2016.

Farming coffee is rough work that we do not see here in Finland. Coffee is the second most traded commodity after oil, so the success of the harvest is often protected with different pesticides and fertilizers. In organic farming, the animals and the workers, as well as the plants, get to avoid the chemical load.

When the flavour and the earth matter

Fall in love with Organic ❤

Yes, this is what happened to us as well in the beginning – and so have many of our customers 😁

Because we want to support Organic farming and make our difference in environmental matters, we decided to make concrete changes.

We looked into bio-organic farming (Demeter) and the almost negative carbon footprint it has and nature’s own “pharmacy” that has practically been lost with the industrial processing of food. Diverse cultivation and conservation of undergrowth increases the self-resistance of other plants to diseases and pests.

Read more about this from the Paahtimo Papu site

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