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#184 Kahiwa Coffee Roasters: Brazil Capricornio

#184 Kahiwa Coffee Roasters: Brazil Capricornio
08.02.2022 Petro Hakkarainen

Chocolate brownie・Almond・Sugarcane

Brazil Capricornio

Kahiwa Coffee Roasters

Roaster: Joonas Markkanen

This excellent Brazilian coffee grows unusually far south, on the Tropic of Capricorn. The cold southern climate challenges, but at the same time presents completely unique opportunities for coffee cultivation, which the local farmers have managed to exploit to their advantage. Roasting high-quality and sustainably sourced coffee is a matter of the heart for Kahiwa. We believe that by buying our coffee at a fair price and as directly as possible from farmers, we are not only helping farmers financially, but also giving them the opportunity to focus their passion on growing coffee.

Country: Brazil
Region: Sorocabana
Farm: Capricornio
Farmer: Many local farmers
Varieties: Bourbon, Catuai
Growing altitude: 600 m
Process: Honey process

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