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#167 Makea Coffee: Gasharu

#167 Makea Coffee: Gasharu
15.06.2021 jusa.annevirta

Ripe red fruits・Honey・Chocolate


Makea Coffee

Roaster: Visa Tuovinen

A natural process with experimental fermentation made at Gasharu washing station gives rich aromas and full mouthfeel to this coffee. We have roasted coffee very light to highlight its juicy fruitiness. We have paid 360 % of the market price as a quality reward. Party in your mouth!

Country: Rwanda
Region: Macuba Sector, Nyamasheke district, Western Province
Farm: Gasharu Washing station
Farmer: 1650 small farmers
Varieties: Bourbon
Growing Altitude: 1600-2100
Processing: Experimental fermentation

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