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#115 Kaffa Roastery: Go’Morron

#115 Kaffa Roastery: Go’Morron
18.06.2019 Maria Ariyo

Down-to-earth · Floral · Sweet


Kaffa Roastery

Roasted: 12/06/2019
Roaster: Tom Strömsten

Some mornings you just need a second cup of coffee, that is why the low acidity. A talkative sidekick for rye bread.

Three famous origin countries in beautiful harmony. Ethiopia brings floral notes and acidity, while Indonesia brings a unique down-to-earth note. The coffee is crowned with the wide sweetness of Colombia.

Country: Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia
Region: Atu Lingtang, Limu, Caldas
Farm: Atu Lingtang, Haider, San Lorenzo
Farmer: Atu Lingtang, Haider Abamencha, San Lorenzo producers group
Varieties: Bourbon, Heirloom, Caturra, Colombia
Growing Altitude: 1600-2000m
Processing: Giling Basah, Washed


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