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#197 Kahwe: Rwanda Inzovu

#197 Kahwe: Rwanda Inzovu
05.08.2022 Elina Viiala

Pink grapefruit・Caramel・Toffee apple

Rwanda Inzovu


Roaster: Joel Marttala

Inzovu is composed from a mixture of coffees from the Western and Southern areas of Rwanda, generally grown on mid-high altitude of the many hills that compose the landscape. It epitomises the characteristic flavour profile that is truly unique to this terroir. Once the season is finished and it’s time for millling the coffee is sorted and all the Peaberrys are kept separate due to their smaller screen size. They compose a separate lot that maintain the flavour profile of the original lot, and often have a more distinctive acidity, as well as bigger and bolder mouthfeel in the cup.

Country: Rwanda
Region: Western and southern areas
Farm: Small farmers
Farmer: –
Variety: Red Bourbon Peaberry
Growing altitude: 1400 – 1600m
Process: Washed

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