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#150 Cafetoria roastery: House Blend

#150 Cafetoria roastery: House Blend
19.10.2020 Sara Kanerva

Milk Chocolate・Caramel・Fruity

House Blend

Cafetoria roastery

Roaster: Juanca Ore

Our House Blend is the most diplomatic being you will ever encounter because it is likeable by everyone, from the risk takers to the conservative ones. You will find a great creamy body, gentle fruity sweetness and clear notes of milk chocolate and sultanas.

Country: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia,
Region: Mina Gerais (Bra), Huila (Col),
Sidamo (Eth), Segovia (Nic)
Farms: Various coffee farms
Varieties: Castillo, Heirloom, Catuai
Growing Altitude:1000–2000 m
Processing: washed- pulped natural


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