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#188 Holmen Coffee: Holmen HEL

#188 Holmen Coffee: Holmen HEL
05.04.2022 severi.sinkko

Sweet dark spices・Darkish chocolate・Pecan

Holmen HEL

Holmen Coffee

Roaster: Junho Suzuki/Arnd Brockmüller

Some of you might know our light roast Helsinki, well Holmen HEL is the dark summer night midnight version of it! It takes you flying in the bean-rocket to higher enjoyment! Dark, soft and “sehr sehr lecker” both as filter coffee or soft strong espresso. This coffee is full of Holmen attitude, it will rock your Day 🙂

Country: Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil
Region: Medellin-Col, San Juan-CR, Cerrada-Bra
Farm: Various small farms and haciendas
Farmer: Various
Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica, Cerrado
Growing altitude: 1300-1700m
Process: Washed, natural


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