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SLURP rare bundle coffees

SLURP rare bundle coffees
01.11.2023 Elina Viiala

Did you get your hands on the SLURP rare holiday box? Here you’ll find all the information on your two special coffees!

Colombia Jairo Lopez Chilled Anaerobic Natural Gesha

Rose Petals・Peach・Mango

Standout Coffee

Roaster: Alexander Ruas

Jairo Lopez, a renowned coffee producer, has created something truly special with his Gesha-Honey coffee beans. Grown on the La Esperanza farm in Quindio-Pijao, Colombia, at an altitude of 1670 meters above sea level, the beans are surrounded by oak trees, leucadena, and fruit and citrus trees that provide natural shade. The farm spans 13 ½ hectares, making it a significant contributor to the local coffee industry. This gesha has undergone a chilled anaerobic fermented honey process, which results in a unique flavour profile with notes of rose petals, peach, and mango, with an elegant and long finish.

Country: Colombia
Region: Quindio-Pijao
Farm: La Esperanza
Farmer: Jairo Lopez
Variety: Gesha-Honey
Altitude: 1670masl
Process: Anaerobic fermentation honey process

Featured in SLURP rare holiday bundles ordered before 1.12.2023

Colombia Hot Thermal Shock Washed Aji B by Nestor Lasso


Standout Coffee

Roaster: Alexander Ruas

Nestor Lasso quickly became world-famous in 2022 when his Sidra variety was used to win the World Barista Championship. Now we have the privilege to offer you his Aji B, an Ethiopian landrace variety that has undergone an anaerobic fermentation and a hot water thermal shock washed process revealing layers of complexity and stunning flavour clarity. The coffee is grown in Colombia at the farm El Diviso in the region of Huila. The growing altitude for this specific lot is 1750 masl. and the coffee trees are shade grown under native fruit trees. This coffee has a jasmine aroma, notes of juniper, raspberry, oolong tea, silky mouthfeel, exceptional acidity and stunning structure.

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm: El Diviso
Farmer: Nestor Lasso
Variety: Aji B
Altitude: 1750masl
Process: Anaerobic fermentation, Hot Water Thermal Shock Washed

Featured in SLURP rare holiday bundles ordered after 1.12.2023

Diego Bermudez Thermal Shock Washed Gesha

White florals・Peaches・Oolong-tea・Cranberry

Standout Coffee

Roaster: Alexander Ruas

Diego Bermudez is a man filled with innovative ideas and a true genius behind this coffee. El Paraiso is a family business. Diego Samuel and his family have worked together to create a wide range of high-quality coffees with ongoing consistency. Their crew consists of 4 family members, and 8 employees. They follow the fertilisation programs strictly according to the necessities of their trees and they have developed advanced fermentation, washing techniques and using self-collected micro-organisms. Diego has even developed his own environmentally friendly driers that work on a condensation principle.

Country: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Farm: Finca El Paraiso
Farmer: Diego Bermudez
Variety: Gesha
Altitude: 1950masl
Process: Extended Anaerobic Fermentation & Thermal Shock Washed

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