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Inka Paahtimo

Inka Paahtimo
23.02.2018 Maria Ariyo

Inka Paahtimo is an artisan roastery that was founded in 2015 and that has strong Peruvian roots. Their selection focuses on coffees that are high quality and have been produced with respect for nature. With their modified roaster, they can make the roasting process really accurate.

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Founded by a Finnish-Peruvian couple

Pamela Aranciaga Mauricio left her home country Peru when she was only 13, and in 2014 she followed love to Finland. Here, Pamela and her husband Juho Purhonen wanted to found a company, with a deeper meaning to them. They wanted to find an idea, that could combine Pamela’s Peruvian roots and the Mas­ter’s in Food Sci­ences she received in Denmark.

Pamela remembered a time during her studies, when her friend roasted coffee for themselves. The soft flavors and aromas of the fresh coffee made an indelible impression on Pamela. The idea of their own coffee roastery was crystallized with the realizations that Finns love coffee and that Peru produces some of the highest quality organic coffees in the world.

The couple began their journey by purchasing a small roaster and practicing. After a year, the couple got a bigger roaster and Inka Paahtimo was born.

The modified roaster works away in Voikkaa

Inka Paahtimon Juho Purhonen

The Inka Paahtimo roastery is Located in Voikkaa in the Virtakivi sauna area. They work with a 5 kg Garanti drum roaster. Their roaster is far from the normal Garanti, because Pamela and Juho have modified it greatly to fit the needs of the roastery.

Naturally the roaster is connected to a computer, so that the roasting profiles can be monitored from the screen of a computer. In addition, the roaster has been fitted with an inverter, for adjusting engine speeds and three extra sensitive temperature sensors to follow the roast really precisely. These modifications allow the roastery to follow the coffee roasting process really accurately.

Working towards sustainability and high quality

Pamela Aranciaga Mauricio Maailma kylässä

While the founders were volunteering in Peru, they noticed how coffee produced ethically and right could have overwhelming positive effects on both the community and nature. This inspired them with their selection of raw coffees. Inka Paahtimo focuses on coffee that has been produced with high quality standards and with respect towards nature.

Inka Paahtimo acquires their coffees from coffee merchants who believe in the same principles that they believe in. One of their suppliers is the company Kaffesiddharta that was founded by German-Peruvian couple. Kaffesiddharta brings high quality organic coffees from Peru, Kenya and India to Europe. Inka Paahtimo aims to select coffees with versatile flavors and typical flavors for its origins.

Pamela’s favorite coffees are Peruvian coffees with soft notes of cinnamon and nuts, while Juho’s favorite coffees are Ethiopian natural processed coffees, prepared with the pour over method.

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