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05.04.2019 Maria Ariyo

Kahwe from Tampere is one of the newest addition to the Finnish artisan roaster field. The delicious coffee selection and skill with roasting makes Kahwe one to follow.

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From a café worker to a roasterJoel Marttala

Joel Marttala, the roastmaster and CEO at Kahwe worked as a barista for 6-7 years at the Tampere Paahtimo Café. Before that, his passion beyond coffee, was his work as a chef. However, 2013 changed his plans, with the birth of his first born, making coffee the smarter choice for his future.

On top of his barista years, he had training, customer meetings, training in roasting, marketing and thousands of tastings. Meeting customers and filling their needs is always rewarding, especially when you manage to create exactly the flavours the customer asked for. The most important thing has always been to create a coffee to match the taste of the drinker.

The longtime goal has always been to get to the grassroots level of coffee. The passion for origin, coffee farming and roasting have grown hand in hand with the experience of working with customers. The worry for the livelihood of farmers also made Kahwe consider ways to give them proper return for their work. At the same time, the feeling of being stuck grew and created the idea of creating a roastery.

The roastery is located at Hatanpää, Tampere in an old red brick house, that exudes industrial Tampere and coffee breaks at the factory. The roasters corner is a good place to be – open senses, a hot roaster and a cup of fresh Kahwe at hand. As artisan coffee workers, Kahwe roasts in small increments to ensure the quality of the coffee. They want the coffee to be fresh, as it is not a product for storing. Coffee is always roasted when needed, so everyone can be sure about its freshness.

The values behind roasting

There are values behind anything you do. Ethicality, sustainable development and above all, the money for the farmers are the main values. The future of coffee has also been an important subject and Kahwe plans to do their part in this process. Transparency, honesty and openness in production help customers make choices with an effect. Kahwe does not believe in “a Secret Recipe” or doing by themselves. Marttala always aims to work with others especially with making sure the future generations get to enjoy coffee. These are matters Kahwe is not willing to bargain on.

Kahwe coffeesKahwe roaster

Every artisan roastery in Finland offers high-quality coffee to customers, so Kahwe is not different on this front. The requirements for their coffees are values, transparency and the benefit to the farmer. All the coffees they sell are Special Grade. Every cup of Kahwe can be had without worry about its ethicality. Even though coffee can be gotten fast from merchants, that is not the Kahwe way. They work hard to get coffee and changing varieties. Kahwe’s strong suit is their seasonal selection, limited selection of varieties and their ability to roast all the way from light to dark.

Coffee is a personal matter for everyone, whether it is because of cultural difference, personal tastes or curiosity. Kahwe gives you a chance to try the same coffee in multiple different roast levels and see how they affect the flavour of the coffee, bringing it a deeper meaning.


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