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#111 Inka Paahtimo: Brazil Pau

#111 Inka Paahtimo: Brazil Pau
23.04.2019 Maria Ariyo

Dark chocolate · Almond · Cherry

Brazil Pau

Inka Paahtimo

Roasted: 17/04/2019
Roaster: Juho Purhonen

We were looking for classical natural processed Brazilian coffee with smooth mouthfeel and notes of chocolate and nuts, but it would have to be traced back to the farmer and not mixed with several coffees. Therefore we selected Pau Brazil as our partner, where each bag is traceable back to the farmer by scanning QR-code on jute bags. Producers belong to one of nine cooperatives or six associations affiliated with the Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation, have signed a statement of good practices in accordance with Brazilian labour laws, and store coffee in accredited warehouses post-harvest.

The coffee bean is soft, so our approach to it is to be extremely delicate and not blast it with a ton of heat. We roast the coffee slowly for 14 minutes, extending the Maillard phase to increase the body of the coffee and giving it some complexity as well. We won’t let the coffee reach the second crack, but the coffee tastes like a good dark coffee. We recommend it to use as a filter or french press, but it can be used espresso as well. This coffee is an extremely good choice if you have integrated grinder in your coffee machine like many automatic machines do since the bean is so soft that it doesn’t require a strong grinder.

Country: Brazil
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Farm: Rio Brillhante
Farmer: Inacio Carlos Urban
Varieties: Catuai
Growing Altitude: 1100m
Processing: Natural


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