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#207 Roger’s Coffee: Kenya Light

#207 Roger’s Coffee: Kenya Light
27.12.2022 Johanna Rautiainen


Kenya Light

Roger’s Coffee

Roaster: Roger Snellman

This interesting coffee comes from three counties of what was formally the Central Province in Kenya. Normally there are two to four beans inside a coffee cherry. Due to mutation inside the cherry, there grows only one round bean, which is called peaberry. Generally there is about 5% of these mutated peaberry beans in coffee crops. Peaberries are denser than normal beans, and they tend to offer brighter flavours. This coffee consists of carefully selected peaberries primarily from the Kamandi and Ndia-ini coffee factories.

Country: Kenya
Region: Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Muranga, Kiambu
Farm: Members of the Rumukia Cooperative Society and Kabare Cooperative Society
Farmer: Members of the Rumukia Cooperative and Kabare Cooperative Society
Variety: SL28
Growing altitude: 1400-1600m
Process: Washed

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