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#214 Inka Paahtimo: Etiopia Goraa

#214 Inka Paahtimo: Etiopia Goraa
13.04.2023 Elina Viiala

Sweet coffee with notes tea・Plum and lemon

Etiopia Goraa

Inka Paahtimo

Roaster: Pamela Aranciaga Mauricio

Goraa is the name of the sub bekele (a smaller area of a larger municipality) where the Goraa group of farmers are located. The Goraa village is part of the bigger area called Uddo Hadamma.This natural lot has been assembled thanks to the contribution of the 25 farmers that live in the village of Goraa. All of these farmers are growing the Gibirrina/Serto variety (74110 & 74112), which are locally selected from Guji for their disease resistant qualities. This coffee grows beneath the canopy of indigenous trees on rich loam soil typical of the luscious hills of the Guji zone. Smallholders’ farms are on average around 2.5 ha only and are exclusively growing coffee. All of these farmers are trained in agronomy and post-harvest practices by the “King of Guji”, Ture Waji, who is also managing the dry mills in the area.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Uddo Hadamma Kebele, Guji
Farm: Goraa group of farmers
Farmer: Goraa group of farmers
Varieties: 74110, 74112 & Heirloom
Growing altitude: 2000-2100m
Process: Natural

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