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Makea Coffee

Makea Coffee
07.05.2020 Maria Ariyo

Makea Coffee is a new coffee roastery and coffee lounge in Lappeenranta, founded in 2019. In its mission, Makea Coffee proclaims two principles: a party in your mouth, and drink less coffee.

A Party in Your Mouth

The roastery always wants to bring a party to the drinker’s tongue with their coffee. Coffee should be a taste experience, not just a stimulant or a habit. “With our raw coffee selections and roasting profiles, we always bring several different flavour profiles to customers. We have three year-round coffees in three different roast levels. In addition to these, we have a changing number of smaller batches to highlight fresh harvests and, in our opinion, raw coffee that is worth a party.” explains Visa “Vizard da Roastha” Tuovinen, the founder and roaster of Makea Coffee. “Enjoyable coffee produced in a sustainable way doesn’t have to be enjoyed by the pot and sometimes you can even have a coffee-free day.”

Makea Coffee Visa

The raw coffee is bought in cooperation with the producers, who can share the exact origin but also the cost structure of the coffee. With this, we can tell our customers the exact compensation compared to the market price of coffee. This number is also written in the coffee bag as a percentage.

Roastery in the forest and lounge in the city

The roastery is located in an idyllic former community house in the Pelkola neighbourhood of Lappeenranta. “It is basically in the middle of the forest. It is soothing to look at the forest during roasting, or to sit and have a cup of coffee on the rocks in the yard,” tells Visa, who lives in the same property. All the work the company does is guided by being environmentally friendly. Their Giesen W15A roaster has an afterburner that reduces the small particle emissions with up to 98%. The coffee bags are carbon compensated recyclable plastic and they reuse and recycle the bags carefully. “Even the tiny shell waste left from the roasting is used in our garden plot”

Makea Coffee bag

The Makea Coffee coffee lounge is located in the busy Lappeenranta centre, in the Armada shopping mall. The space, products and customer service have gathered loads of attention in a short time and the lounge has become a daily meeting spot for many. The cabinet, located in the same area can be reserved for private functions and training sessions and other coffee and tea-related experiences. “We’re always excited when people are interested in coffee and tea. It’s awesome to get to introduce large groups to these delicious gifts from mother nature.”

The Makea Coffee principle can be best summed up in the words of the great thinker Tupac Shakur, whose words can be found at the back of the coffee packages:
“Let´s change the way we eat, let´s change the way we live and let´s change the way we treat each other”

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