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#140 Cafetoria Roastery: Ethiopia Chelbessa

#140 Cafetoria Roastery: Ethiopia Chelbessa
01.06.2020 Maria Ariyo


Ethiopia Chelbessa

Cafetoria Roastery

Paahdettu: 26/05/2020
Paahtaja: Ivan Ore

The Chelbessa Washing Station, where this coffee was processed, is fairly new to the coffee landscape in Yirgacheffe. Nonetheless, this family-owned and operated washing station is producing exceptional coffees on par with some of the region’s most renowned and established outfits. The station serves around 500 smallholder farmers in and around the town (Kebele) of Chelbessa.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Farm: Chelbessa
Varieties: Local Landraces & JARC varieties
Growing Altitude: 1750–2000 m
Processing: Washed


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